2. Provide Greater Visibility into the Data To manage quality effectively, you have to be able to see data. The challenge here is that many on-premise quality management software often operate in silos, which makes them difficult to integrate into one system. It can be difficult for companies to integrate additional systems, including regulatory and manufacturing, into their quality management software. This means that there are limited insights into the data across the enterprise. Cloud-based solutions offer a flexible option for integrating external systems. It allows manufacturers to gain insight into their data, in real-time, through the use of a cloud-based central repository. This data can be analyzed and reported on quickly and easily. 3. Provide a Pathway into Quality 4.0 Manual, paper-driven systems simply don't align with Quality 4.0 and hinder digital transformation for companies still using those processes for managing quality. To truly transform into a proactive organization with Quality 4.0, organizations must have access to vast amounts of data in real-time and be able to compile, store, and access it quickly and efficiently. It's not possible in on-premise quality management software. Cloud-based quality management systems seamlessly integrate internal and external processes and technologies to help organizations truly embrace and benefit from Quality 4.0. These systems enable manufacturers to analyze data in ways never possible until now. - ticking on phoneQMS

Cloud-Based QMS vs. On-Premise QMS

Cloud-Based QMS vs. On-Premise QMS We have previously discussed setting up a cloud-based quality management system and 10 reasons why you should go for a cloud-based QMS. Before choosing a cloud-driven QMS, we would like to…
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What Does TQM Mean?

What Does TQM Mean? TQM stands for Total Quality Management, which is a structured approach to improving the overall organizational output by refining processes, products, services, and culture. The focus of this system lies in producing…