As of 2022, many managers have realized an impressive QHSE system for their organizations. However, a lot of managers still need help to get the essentials right. It is important to persuade stakeholders and top management and show them the benefits of a dedicated QHSE management platform.  

If you succeed, it’s time to carefully choose a QHSE management platform that fits your organization. If you did choose a QHSE management platform, it’s time to implement it. Below are four activities to make the implementation of a QHSE management platform a success. 

1. Planning

Without a doubt, planning is one of the most important foundations to make the implementation of your QHSE management platform successful. It is essential for the stakeholders and top management because everybody can prepare themselves for the impact of the QHSE management platform. However, make sure that people clearly know what they need to do. This will make things easier for them, and give them guidance in their activities. 

2. Stakeholder Management 

Stakeholders and top management determine whether the platform is successful or not. Preferably, you want all the employees to work with the platform to bring the QHSE management to the next level in order to succeed. Knowing this, it is recommended to let the stakeholders take part at the beginning of the implementation. For example, you can let them discuss what the best settings are and which parts are the most important to them. This will make the implementation and adoption a lot easier. In the end, this is a collective process; you do not do it alone.            

3. Start Small in Order to Grow Big

Implementing a QHSE management platform has a significant impact on your business. The day-to-day process will change and the stakeholders have to work differently than before. It is recommended to start small, if you let your stakeholders adjust to this small change at first, they can adopt further changes much easier and quicker later on. 

4. Do Not Underestimate the Effects On Your Stakeholders

Most QHSE management platforms are easy to use, but for some stakeholders, it can still be difficult. Therefore, make sure your stakeholders get proper training and enough opportunities to ask questions. With proper training, the benefits will follow after. 

Qooling helps with the implementation under the care of a project manager. You will be guided to become a successful user of the Qooling platform. During the introductory meeting, goals will be set to achieve the first results. Both parties then get to work to realize the first go-live. 


Start the process of purchasing a QHSE management platform by letting one of our Qooling experts guide you through our platform to see if it can benefit your organization. Get started today!

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