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Qooling | QHSE ManagementInfographics

Why Total Quality Management Fails

Qooling | QHSE Management | Total Quality Management   There are many reasons why Total Quality Management implementation can fail, but research done over the years shows that these 12 reasons are most frequently mentioned by…
Nick Appel

ISO Over the Years

ISO Over the Years.  There are different ISO standards and worldwide many companies are using these different ISO standards. In the image below you see which standards are used over the years. There are different standards…
Nick Appel
Qooling | ISO Certificates in numbersInfographics

ISO certification in numbers

We made an infographic from the ISO certification worldwide. On this infographic, you can see how many ISO certificates are worldwide. You see a decrease in ISO 9001 and all other ISO certificates increased.   We…
Nick Appel
Qooling - 5 root cause analysis methodologiesInfographics

5 Root Cause Analysis Methodologies!

We will sum up 5 root cause analysis methodologies. 5 whys What does five whys mean? The 5 Whys Root Cause Analysis is a system for understanding the cause-and-effect relationships that create our business and organizational…
Nick Appel
5 Safety concerns on safety management - Qooling Quality and safety management platformInfographicsQHSE

5 Safety Concerns

We have summed up 5 Safety concerns within organizations. With proper safety management software, you can manage those and act on them when needed. Undertrained Employees Insufficiently trained employees endanger themselves and others. The best way…
Nick Appel
How do purchasers thinkInfographics

How do purchasers think?

How Do Purchasers Think? Rely on ISO9001 Over 75% require suppliers to be ISO9001 compliant. Request Certificate Over 45% request and check the ISO certificate of the suppliers. Scope Over 40% check the scope of the…
Nick Appel