The Power of Mobile in QHSE

Since the introduction of the smartphone, people aren’t able to live without it. Despite the huge impact the mobile phone has on our current life, these devices have had a limited introduction in QHSE management. Lots…
12th March 2021
Be prepared for your auditsManagementQHSE

Be prepared for your Audits

.Being prepared for an audit is one of the most important tasks the QHSE manager has. The organization needs to be ready when the auditor shows up. We touched upon the importance of having the right…
22nd October 2020
SHEQ CultureCultureQHSE

SHEQ Culture: From Push to Pull

We touched upon the SHEQ culture numerous times already, and we cannot stress the importance of it enough. Developing the right culture has a tremendous impact on SHEQ within the company and how the company operates.…
22nd July 2020
Qooling QHSE ManagementCultureQHSE

Transparency in QHSE Management

Transparency has a pretty broad spectrum and can mean different things to different people. Especially, the level of transparency and when you are transparent and when not. Of course, certain information is on a “need to…
23rd June 2020
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