A QHSE management platform can help optimize quality, health, safety, and security processes within an organization. A positive safety culture means that everybody within the organization knows that accidents can happen and that they can be prevented. That doesn’t mean that every single accident can be prevented, but that the company takes responsibility for any incident. 

In addition, all employees know that they have to work safely and that they need to report anything suspicious. Employees feel safe to speak up about issues that might otherwise remain hidden.

In this blog post, we write down five tips on how a QHSE management platform can improve the safety culture

1. It makes it easier for workers to engage in safety processes

Simplicity is everything. Qooling provides an easy way for workers to access safety information, assessments, and also reports. 

2. Simplify safety communication

Repetition is key when you need workers to ingest and remember new information. However, safety rules and regulations are no exception. Qooling enables you to schedule safety training, and also send reminders for it.

3. Quick and easy incident reporting

Anyone should be able to report a safety incident as they see itwith Qooling that’s simple. Qooling also has a smartphone app that makes it simple to report incidents with images attached as well.

4. Form an audit trail for reporting

Assessments and their tasks and findings are also part of an audit trail, saved within the Qooling platform. Also, you’ll be able to store the data on the platform. This way, you will have all the data on one platform and don’t have to search for it in different documents.

5. Create a culture of continuous improvement 

By analyzing previous audit reports and their findings, the assessments themselves can be used to identify emerging issues. Also, communication can be planned around recurring incidents to prevent them from occurring in the future. You can also schedule any additional checks that you need as regularly recurring tasks in Qooling. 

Check Your Current QHSE Level

Are you curious about how your company scores in safety? Then you can do a QHSE check-up. You will receive a personalized report by e-mail. You can see exactly what is going well per phase and what could be improved.

Scoring is based on the following:

  • QHSE culture & organization
  • Data management & fact-based decisions
  • Issues & document management
  • Audits & CAPA management

Do the QHSE Check-up here!

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