Keeping workers safe requires a proactive approach. Not only do you want to prevent injuries, but you also retrain employees in proper ergonomic behaviors. Additionally, reducing the high cost of workplace safety incidents requires an immediate response to injury care that avoids costly ER visits whenever possible. Preferably, you’ll develop processes and workflows that improve overall employee safety within the organization.

Four Effective Safety Initiatives To Implement At Your Workplace 

  1. Normalize Risk Assessments
    In our experience, monthly risk assessments help your organization make on-the-job changes to improve worker safety—for example, regular observation of what protective gear workers wear. 
  2. Build a Culture of Safety
    Also, striving for a safety culture is something every organization should consider. It requires constant advocacy from leadership
  3. Train Employees in Ergonomics
    Awkward postures, improper lifting, whole body vibration, and repetitive tasks can only be mitigated by retraining your workforce in proper bodily postures and other ergonomic workplace controls.
  4.  Provide PPE and Enforce Its Usage
    Lastly, personal protective equipment (PPE) is specialized clothing or equipment worn by an employee for protection against infectious materials. PPE along with employee education are two crucial aspects in order to help workers stay safe on the job. For example, many head injuries can be prevented by simply wearing headgear, and foot injuries can be prevented by providing steel-toe work shoes.

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