Out-of-the-Box QHSE Management Platform vs. Building Your Own

Should an organization design and develop its own custom applications that address its specific quality and safety needs (build), or should it purchase from an outside software firm (buy)? Out-of-the-Box QHSE Management Platform vs. Building Your Own 

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Building Software In-House? 

Advantages: The ability of the product to meet 100% of the organization’s requirements. As an organization, you can define the requirements. The software can be built by the organization as well as the maintenance. 

Disadvantage: The software is developed in-house and the domain knowledge that goes into defining the requirements is limited to the expertise and experience of a few people within the organization. If a few key individuals within the application development team happen to leave the organization, a big chunk of knowledge walks out with them. 

The Benefits of Purchasing a QHSE Management Platform

Are you still questioning whether to invest in a Quality and Safety platform? Here are six benefits a QHSE will bring to your organization. 

  1. TransparencyIt allows employees to see what the company is doing, how it is doing, and how it improves. This creates higher engagement and will help the company move forward.
  2. Implementation timeOnce you buy the QHSE management software platform, it can be used instantly. Whereas with building software in-house, you need to build and develop it yourself which can take a while.
  3. Structure – A good online QHSE platform will bring structure to the management system. Most management systems are chaotic. Providing a structured platform will remove a lot of frustration with the employees and allow them to leverage the management system.
  4. Communication – Every employee can find everything they need to know at the touch of a button. They don’t need to ask other people for the information, which prevents them from doing their job.
  5. Data-Driven Decision Making – Improve the organization based on actual data. The lower barrier to engage with the management system will increase the amount of data gathered.
  6. In Control – Compliance processes are covered in the platform, and triggers are set. This will reduce the stress of checking all documents and helps you to be prepared for your audits.

Get Started

Did you convince your top management? Let’s get started. If you are searching for the right QHSE management system for your business, we can help. Let one of our Qooling experts guide you through our platform to see if it can be beneficial to your organization. Get started today!


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