Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a type of software system that helps organizations automate and manage core business processes for optimal performance. For example, resource planning, procurement, or accounting. It’s also possible to combine ERP and a QHSE management platform. They both have valuable data to act on, so why not connect them together?  

QHSE Management Platform and ERP: Why Should I Connect Them Together?

A QHSE management system enhances data with the information gathered on the ERP. Combining both solutions gives companies the possibility to enrich the data with information gathered on the QHSE management platform. This will allow companies to create a real enriched dossier of products, customers, suppliers, and employees.  

What Are the Benefits of Combining a Platform With an ERP Connection? 

  1. Faster reporting
  2. Better trend analysis
  3. Customizable connection
  4. Enriched data; dossier of products, customers, suppliers, and employees

How To Get Started

Let’s get started. If you are searching for the right QHSE management system for your business, we can help. Let one of our Qooling experts guide you through our platform to see if it can be beneficial to your organization. Get started today

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