We cannot stress this enough. The impact of top management on the QHSE culture is big. When top management is not involved in changing and maintaining this culture, it will diminish over time. It is really important that top management is involved and shows that it’s important to them. We have found three ways to involve top management in acquiring a QHSE management platform. 

How to Convince Top Management to Acquire a QHSE Management Platform

In order to persuade your top management, we wrote down three tips to make them say “yes!”.

  1. Frame your suggestion to match the goals of your boss.
  2. Take advantage of the FOMO.
  3. Use data to tell a story.

Frame your suggestion to match the goals of your boss

For this, you need two things: 

  1. Understand where the top management wants to be – the goals. 
  2. Find how your suggestions can help the top management – the way.

Here’s an example of convincing your top management to acquire a QHSE management platform: the top management may not care about the fact that it will make things easier for you as a QHSE manager. But they will care if you explain to them that you can improve customer satisfaction, save time on increased productivity, fewer incidents, and real-time data and insights. 

Take Advantage of the FOMO

We have found that a lot of organizations are (very) conservative. Top management doesn’t want to risk their reputation. They do not like change and avoid any bold decisions. So they love killing new ideas. 

You can make a strong case by establishing that some competitors have implemented a new idea with success. 

If that doesn’t work, you can give your boss a better understanding. Instead of a bold statement on what to do, you can extensively explain what the benefits are of a QHSE management platform

You can explain to them that you can improve customer satisfaction, save time on increased productivity, fewer incidents will happen, and you will have real-time data and insights.

With this detailed explanation, you can persuade your top management to purchase the platform and take advantage of the benefits it will bring to the company.  

Use Data To Tell a Story

Stories are more convincing than numbers. Data visualization helps us see new patterns. A visual story changes how we see things. For example, the human mind can’t get the concept of billions of dollars. But once you make it visual, it’s easier to understand. You could create an infographic and show the top management the benefits of a QHSE management system. 

Get Started

Did you convince your top management? Let’s get started. If you are searching for the right QHSE management system for your business, we can help. Let one of our Qooling experts guide you through our platform to see if it can be beneficial to your organization. Get started today

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