SharePoint is a solution that is used quite a lot for a wide range of automation projects. It is most commonly known for its document management system. However, SharePoint is not an integrated management system, let alone a QMS or a QHSE solution. It must be developed, which comes with the same difficulties as developing software from scratch. 

Set Up and Implementation

In order to set up a QHSE system within SharePoint, you will need to configure before starting with implementation. You will also need an FTE or consultant to make implementation a success. Whereas with an actual QHSE management platform, it runs out of the box. Configuration is just a couple clicks away before it’s running. It also has dedicated support with QHSE experience to make implementation a success.

Version Control

When using SharePoint, documents must be configured correctly for the correct use of version control. With a QHSE management platform, documents are updated when a new version of documents is published. 

Interlinking and Updates

Links must be checked when a new version of documents are published, and updates are only included on specific plans when using SharePoint. However, links are automatically updated when a new version of documents are published and automatically updates are included with a QHSE management platform. 


If you want a back-up within SharePoint, make sure the IT-department is involved with a hybrid or a local version. However, if you use Qooling’s QHSE management platform, you don’t have to worry about a backup since the server automates it on the cloud. 

SharePoint comparison sheet regarding a QHSE management platform

Get Started

Let’s get started. If you are searching for the right QHSE management system for your business, we can help. Let one of our Qooling experts guide you through our platform to see if it can be beneficial to your organization. Get started today

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