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Toolbox Meetings: Stop Wasting Time

Toolbox meetings are an important tool to inform the employees about everything related to safety. The topics can vary from just general safety to project-specific risks. Getting the employees together and talking about these topics is…
23rd November 2018

The Key Changes in NEN-EN 1090-2:2018

If you haven’t heard of this standard yet, the BS EN 1090 2:2018 is an international standard that applies throughout Europe. This standard contains the guidelines and technical requirements for the construction of steel (stainless steel)…
25th October 2018

Digitalise your Weld Management

The administration related to Weld Management has been increased significantly and is getting more complicated with new standards and changing laws. Every weld produced needs to be traceable for as long as the structure is used.…
16th October 2018
Gap AnalysisCulture

Gap Analysis – Creating a team

Gap Analysis is a technique companies use to compare their current performance with potential performance. For example, their current practices compared to an international standard such as ISO9001, AS9001, ISO14001, ISO13485 or customer requirements. A well-executed…
12th September 2018
Problem Solving A3CultureQHSE

A3 Problem Solving Tool

An effective and simple approach for problem solving is Toyota’s famous (lean) A3-approach. This problem solving technique is a good example of how problems can be handled in order to be eliminated efficiently. The A3 lean…
5th July 2018
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