SWOT analysis – Context of the organisation

The SWOT analysis is a business tool that is widely used. The introduction of chapter 4 “Context of the organisation” within the new ISO standards makes this technique applicable for management systems. Since then, it has been commonly…
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Transition to ISO9001:2015

The first important question to ask is why would you change to the ISO9001:2015 version. Apart from the fact that it is obligatory if you want to stay certified, it has other advantages. Integrated system Quite a…
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5 Safety concerns on safety management - Qooling Quality and safety management platformInfographicsQHSE

5 Safety Concerns

We have summed up 5 Safety concerns within organizations. With proper safety management software, you can manage those and act on them when needed. Undertrained Employees Insufficiently trained employees endanger themselves and others. The best way…
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How do purchasers thinkInfographics

How do purchasers think?

How Do Purchasers Think? Rely on ISO9001 Over 75% require suppliers to be ISO9001 compliant. Request Certificate Over 45% request and check the ISO certificate of the suppliers. Scope Over 40% check the scope of the…
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Risk Management in ISO 9001:2015

Risk management is one of the basic requirements as described in the HLS (High Level Structure). This HLS applies to all standards that “are plugged into it” and the High Level Structure (HLS) of the new ISO…
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5 Quality management challengesInfographics

5 Quality management challenges

5 Quality Management Challenges Organisational culture Turning the company into a continuous learning and risk aware organization. Data overload Lots of data available but no actionable information due to a lack of structure. Setting ambiguous KPI's…
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Digital Quality and Safety Management

A question often asked is “Why would we want to use a dedicated digital solution for our quality and safety activities while Office and an intranet are working just fine?”. It indeed might work just fine,…
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employee engagement Qooling QHSE toolQHSEQHSE Culture

QHSE and Employee Engagement

Quality is a very important part of doing business. When a company delivers poor quality products or services it won’t last very long. However, maintaining and improving a QHSE management system can feel like an uphill…
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