Why NEN-EN1090?

The NEN-EN1090 is part of the European series of product standards for the production of steel and aluminium constructions. Companies that work with steel and aluminium construction are required to meet this standard through the revised legislation on July 1, 2014. This means that all parts of steel and aluminium constructions must be provided with the CE-marking.

The FPC is a mandatory part of the EN 1090. This guarantees the quality of the manufacturer’s products. The main components of the FPC make it a kind of quality system according to ISO 9001, but more extensive with regard to technical requirements and less extensive in other areas, such as customer satisfaction. In addition, it´s a welding quality system based on EN-ISO 3834 (depending on the execution class). Finally, a welding coordinator should be appointed according to EN-ISO 14731. In order to continue to comply with this standard, it’s important that the administration is properly maintained.

The manufacturer declares with the CE marking that all structural requirements have been met. The basic principle is that a product must be accepted in all European countries if it complies with the standards. Member States can no longer impose their own requirements on products and companies. This should benefit every company that deals with construction.

How to continue to comply?

Proving compliance to the NEN-EN 1090 can be quite an intense job. The administration involved in showing traceability of welders and materials can already take up quite some time. On top of that, every weld needs to become traceable which in most cases leads to extensive Excel sheets and paper lying all over the workshop or production side. This will take up a lot of valuable production time because someone needs to fill in all the details, and needs to make sure it is archived properly and easily retrievable.

Qooling can help you to easily continue to meet the NEN 1090. We offer an online solution to keep the administration up to date and efficient so that unnecessary delay or failure costs are not incurred.

Through our software, you can see at a glance what is happening within your company, and you have the complete traceability of all your welding.


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