Ways of Educating Employees on the QHSE Management System

After setting up a QHSE management system, it is important to educate employees. With proper training, the employees will have a better understanding and will be engaged in the QHSE management. There are different ways of educating employees. In this article, we will outline some of the best methods. 

Importance of Educating Employees

As mentioned before, educating employees will improve engagement. By providing employees with training in QHSE management systems, businesses can experience the following benefits:

  • Higher quality
  • Cost minimization
  • Better customer focus

Educated employees result in efficient QHSE management and reduced errors. An established pattern of fewer errors will increase higher quality along with customer satisfaction. 

Quarterly Education Days 

One way to educate the employees is by organizing education days when implementing the QHSE management system. You can immediately see who is attending and if there are any questions from the employees. If there are any follow-ups necessary, this can be communicated directly. The certificates can be given personally on site.

Video Platforms like Vimeo or Youtube

Videos are a common training method these days and there are even reports that more than 80% of all people prefer learning by watching videos. There are many video platforms, some of the popular ones include Vimeo and Youtube. On these platforms, you can create a hidden channel to share these training videos with your employees. It’s a great way to educate the employees, but you can’t track any performance or add questionnaires.

E-learning Platforms

When you want to track the performance of the employees and add questionnaires, take a look at e-learning platforms. Most e-learning platforms have the possibility to create different types of questionnaires, and you can track the performance too. Often within questionnaires, there is the possibility to add images and videos. As mentioned above, most people prefer learning by watching videos. The one thing that’s missing is the connection between the performance of the employees and the procedures and processes.

QHSE Platforms including e-learning possibilities

The ultimate method of educating the employees is having a QHSE management platform with e-learning possibilities. On such a platform, there is performance tracking, process tracking, document tracking, issue tracking, and many more. Combining all these data gives you better insights to improve the QHSE and the way of educating the employees.

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