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Why Quality Management

A quality management system for good and socially responsible business. With the increasing pressure on efficiency and costs, we see the attention of quality management evaporate. As if it were a luxury, those organizations could hardly…
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How to Handle Risk Management

An organization cannot exist without taking any risks. The question is, how to manage those risks to improve predictability and reduce the level of risk? Can you handle risk management. Don’t make risk management an expensive…
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ISO certification in numbers

We made an infographic from the ISO certification worldwide. On this infographic, you can see how many ISO certificates are worldwide. You see a decrease in ISO 9001 and all other ISO certificates increased.   We…
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Stakeholder analysis: ISO9001-2015

With the new ISO9001:2015 the stakeholder analysis has got a much more prominent position in the Quality management system. Of course, every company knows their most important stakeholders. However, not every stakeholder is always well understood…
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ISO 9001 – Why get certified?

Why would any company comply with a standard apart from being forced by customers? One important reason is that quality is at the core of every organization. When an organization doesn’t deliver a high quality service…
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5 Root Cause Analysis Methodologies!

We will sum up 5 root cause analysis methodologies. 5 whys What does five whys mean? The 5 Whys Root Cause Analysis is a system for understanding the cause-and-effect relationships that create our business and organizational…
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SWOT analysis – Context of the organisation

The SWOT analysis is a business tool that is widely used. The introduction of chapter 4 “Context of the organisation” within the new ISO standards makes this technique applicable for management systems. Since then, it has been commonly…
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Transition to ISO9001:2015

The first important question to ask is why would you change to the ISO9001:2015 version. Apart from the fact that it is obligatory if you want to stay certified, it has other advantages. Integrated system Quite a…
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5 Safety Concerns

We have summed up 5 Safety concerns within organizations. With proper safety management software, you can manage those and act on them when needed. Undertrained Employees Insufficiently trained employees endanger themselves and others. The best way…
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