We talk with dozens of companies on a daily basis that have some degree of QHSE management system. Some are complex; others are plain simple to use. The biggest question for most companies is, of course, why should I invest in a Quality and Safety platform? These are some of the most important reasons.


High on the list to invest and move your management system to a QHSE platform, is transparency. Transparency allows employees to see what the company is doing, how it is doing and how it improves. It also allows employees to see what went wrong and how the company learns from its mistakes. This shows clearly that it is ok to make a mistake. Of course, there are mistakes that you will always want to prevent, but things can always happen. Also, transparency on how the company operates creates higher engagement and allows people to help the company move forward.


A proper online QHSE platform will bring structure to the management system. Most management systems are a bunch of files somewhere on servers or in SharePoint, in the hope that employees know where to find the documents. This chaotic way of working makes employees feel lost and tune out of the management system. The end result is that they aren’t able to leverage the management system to their own benefit, as it holds a lot of implicit knowledge that has been accumulated over the years.

Providing a structured platform will take out a lot of frustration with the employees and allows them to leverage the management system. They can use all the implicit knowledge to do a better job.

Data-Driven Decision Making

When a platform is implemented and more and more data is gathered, the organization can really start to improve based on actual data. The lower barrier to engage with the management system will increase the amount of data gathered. This data is relevant when deciding on the improvement activities in the organization. Finally, the limited resources can be put to work much more effectively.

In control

The platform will also help in the control of compliance. Most of the compliance processes are covered in the platform and triggers are set when the expiration of important actions is coming up. This will reduce the stress of checking all documents and allows for better preparation for audits by certifying bodies, customers and, of course, the government.


Lastly, there is a huge win in communication. Because every employee can find everything they need to know, they don’t need to ask other people for the information. This not only prevents others from doing their job, it also introduces lots of communication errors. By providing all the employee needs, it is much easier.


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