Where To Save Time With a QHSE Management Platform

Time is the most valuable commodity for every organization or employee. This applies to QHSE managers too. A job can have mundane tasks or even extremely time-consuming activities. A structured QHSE management platform can free up some very valuable time. How much time there will be saved is not easy to calculate, but with the following points, you can definitely save time. 

Searching for SOP & Documents

Standard operating procedures and documents are often stored in different kinds of directories digitally or physically. As a QHSE manager, you have thought of the right system to find these documents with the right version. However, there are still situations where valuable time can be wasted searching for the right SOP or document in the many folders available. A QHSE management platform like Qooling has another way of storing the data, which makes it easier to find procedures or a so-called “document”. The QHSE management platform always has the latest version, so you can work on the latest document or procedure.

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Sending Reminders

In a job like QHSE management, there are different kinds of situations where you have to remind colleagues to do a certain task or follow a certain course. Reminding colleagues to do these tasks or training can be a time-consuming activity. Sending out automatic reminders can save valuable time. QHSE management software can send out these reminders automatically so you can spend time on other things. 


Creating Dashboards

Presenting data to senior management is one of the key tasks of a QHSE manager. It’s best to make data-driven decisions. If the data is widely spread within the organization, this could be a very time-consuming activity. Getting data from different sources and different spreadsheets, calculating the right amount of information, and creating dashboards are all very time-consuming. The right QHSE management platform can create these kinds of dashboards within a couple of clicks.

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