Software as a Service is, for most people, a new method of working with IT. This new method brings all new things and possibilities. But with these new possibilities comes a new adoption strategy. So how can you as QHSE manager successfully implement a SaaS platform within your organization and, more importantly, how can you involve people in the process?

Planning Is Key to Success

Yes, it may sound a little cliche. But planning is one of the most important foundations to make an implementation of a QHSE SaaS platform successful. Planning is essential for all the stakeholders, because everybody can prepare themselves for the total impact. In the planning, make sure people have crystal clear tasks they need to do. This makes it easy for them and give them guidance in their activity.

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholders determine the success of the platform. In the end, you want all the people to work with the platform to bring the QHSE management to the next level. With this knowledge, it is recommended to let the stakeholders take part in the beginning of the implementation. Let them, for example, discuss what the best settings are for them and which parts are the most important for them. When certain parts are very important for someone, (s)he will take more responsibility and ownership, which will make the implementation and adoption a lot easier. In the end, you do this together and not on your own.

Start Small, Grow Big

The implementation of a SaaS platform has a big impact on your business. The daily process is changed and the stakeholders need to work differently than before. Therefore, it is recommended to start small, for instance, with one process. If you let your stakeholders adjust with this minuscule change first, they can adopt further changes much quicker and easier later on. To come back to the planning, do make sure you have some kind of plan for the bigger roll-out. 

Don’t Underestimate

Never underestimate the effects on your stakeholders. Most SaaS platforms are easy in use, but for some stakeholders it can still be difficult. So make sure that your stakeholders get enough training and enough opportunities to ask questions. When the training is good, the benefits will be there for years to come. 

At Qooling, ease-of-use is paramount, from the purchase to the implementation and use of the platform. Obviously, the Qooling team is always there to help. Qooling offers convenience within the platform, but also in the way customers can communicate with us. Convenience is not limited to the platform.


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