There are numerous important topics in QHSE management, but the following are things you really should think about when you want to bring the QHSE to the next level. QHSE isn’t something you can do on your own, but really a company-wide effort. Hence, it is critical to include the company rather than merely doing things for yourself.

Create QHSE Culture

Culture is one of the most important aspects of QHSE, as well as the hardest—because the level of culture isn’t easily measured. However, in order to bring the culture to the next level, having a world-class culture is key. Culture can be improved by increasing openness of what is going on in QHSE and how the company improves. Also, by empowering people that did something to improve QHSE. It is essential to show the employees that QHSE is an important pillar to the organization and that their input is valuable. Of course, it shows to be pretty clear and visible that top management is involved as well.

Reduce Obstacles

Engaging people in the QHSE management mainly comes down to reducing and removing obstacles. As QHSE managers, we want people to embed it into their day-to-day activities—but we make it pretty hard for them to interact with the management system or simply fill in a form. QHSE is not part of most people’s day-to-day job as a QHSE manager. It is vital to take away obstacles as much as possible and make it easy for people to add value to the management system.

Maintain Customer Satisfaction

Everything the organization is with customers in mind. In the end, without customers, there is no company at all, so satisfied customers are the highest priority. In order to satisfy customers, it is important, first of all, to know their expectations. These should be documented thoroughly and communicated within the organization. Every employee should know what the customers expect and how to exceed their expectations—this makes customers return.

Safety Level

Safety can be a very elusive concept, but in essence, it comes down to providing a safe workplace for everybody. Not just physically but also mentally. Providing such a workplace isn’t easy due to the different demands of different people, so you will never reach 100% satisfaction. However, as an organization, it is crucial to try to reach this. A great way to do this is by making the safety part practical with training, leaflets, and a variety of visuals. Making safety dull by putting it into spreadsheets and SOP will simply kill the engagement for lots of employees.

Take Out Mundane Tasks in QHSE

Automation is key to having a great QHSE culture. Technology has the ability to take out the mundane and unpleasant tasks in QHSE. Platforms are also able to take away lots of obstacles we discussed earlier.

With Qooling, you will include the whole company. The platform allows for automating mundane tasks such as reminders and scheduling. It has the ability to make it a lot easier for people to interact with the management system, which will bring your organization to the next level.


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