Certifications are often a result of customer demands, rather than a company necessity. Using certifications, like ISO9001,(management system) as a selling point, is rather a mere formality and is being utilised by more companies today. By being certified, a company shows it has certain procedures in place to provide optimal quality, but that doesn’t provide quality assurance while the actual management system does.  

Qooling believes a company should not use the certificate as a selling point, but rather to use the certificate’s management system as a selling point. What better way to give potential customers insight in your operations, by showing them the management system? By example, show customers how the management system handles a complaint, and the process the system provides to resolve the issue. Additionally it is possible to give an overview of the qualified employees and how the management system ensures their knowledge is kept up to date.

We have seen users of Qooling show the procedures of their management system through the online interface to their customers. This way they prove to actually utilize the management system to their benefit, instead of just showing the certificate. Furthermore, they demonstrate how they handle incidents, perform quality checks on products and take care of customer service. The notification system ensures clients are always up to date, increasing confidence with the customer that important quality related actions won’t be forgotten.

Being transparent and giving your customers insight in the company’s management system builds trust with customers. Applying this strategy results in the management system becoming its own selling point.

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