Tuesday, the 12th of April, we successfully organised our first event together with ProcesDoen! The event was hosted at the inspirational location YesDelft!, the incubator of the Delft University of Technology.

The workshop was a big success with great input from the participants under the guidance of the trainer Emiel Kort. The main goal of the workshop was to enable quality and safety experts from different industries to collaborate, inspire each other and exchange knowledge and experience. The dynamics and exchange of knowledge clearly demonstrated how combined professional brains are able to come up with sophisticated solutions. The participants all had different kinds of backgrounds and work(ed) at organisations of varying sizes and types. Interesting to see was the difference between varying industries in handling certain QHSE-related activities, such as the way companies handle outsourced processes and how company culture impacts the way the QHSE management system is organised. 


Some of the topics touched upon during the workshop include:

  • What makes/breaks a great internal audit?
  • How to perform a Brown Paper Audit?
  • What makes your company great?

The success of the workshop convinced us to organise such events more often. The date and subject of the next event will be communicated through email and social media, so keep an eye open!

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