In the previous article (Part 1), we revealed the importance of setting up a skilled team for the execution of a gap analysis. During ‘’Part 2’’ we will tell you how to perform a successfully Gap Analysis, so you can be sure to include all the necessary steps.

1. Analyze Your Current Situation

During this step it is important to define your current situation. That may sound overwhelming, so I recommend that you start collecting data from your current QMS. In this case, a properly structured QMS can save you a lot of valuable time.

In this phase, it is your goal to determine which quality management processes your company already has, and where there is room for improvement before you start implementing new processes. Mapping out the different processes and how they work will give this insight.

2. Identify the Ideal Future

Now a clear picture of the current situation is created, it’s time to think about what needs to be done to meet the new requirements and goals. This new future can be based upon the requirements of customers, new legislation or maybe some new international standards the company wants to comply with. Make sure you have a good overview of the requirements for this new future.

When this overview is clear, you should place it next to your current system. A great approach is simply to list all the requirements and how you comply with them based on your current system. When you have gone through every requirement, you are ready to fill in the gaps that show up of the different points you don’t comply with.

3. Fill the Gap

Once all steps have been completed, a detailed Gap Analysis Report can be created. This report lists all the points the organization doesn’t comply with. After all the gaps have been identified, a structured action plan can be created. The different tasks can be assigned to different people in order to reach compliance. When all actions are finished, an additional check is required to see if all the gaps are now filled. This can simply be performed by going through step 3 but this time with all the new measures in place.

With the online solution of Qooling you can easily manage your action plan by displaying important tasks and the ability to assign tasks to the responsible person in the organization.

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