If you haven’t heard of this standard yet, the BS EN 1090 2:2018 is an international standard that applies throughout Europe. This standard contains the guidelines and technical requirements for the construction of steel (stainless steel) and aluminum.

The latest version of this standard will be introduced on the 1st of January 2019. This new version contains a number of important changes that will have an impact on the fabrication of steel structures. To give you a good insight, we have made a summary of the most important points of this new standard:

1. Removal of Default ‘EXC 2’

‘EXC 2’ has been removed as the requirements for the selection of execution class are now included in BS EN 1993-1-1: 2005 / A1: 2014, Annex C.

2. Thick Coating

New guidance on the determination of the loss of preload from thick coatings on contact surfaces in preloaded connections.

3. Introduction of ‘Weld Inspection Classes’

New guidance on the selection of ‘weld inspection classes’ has been included. This is where project specific % for NDT may be considered.

4. Thermal Cutting Activity

New guidance has been included for checking the capability of thermal cutting processes.

5. Reinforcing Steel

Rebar is now included.

6. 1090-4

For requirements regarding the thin gauge, these have been removed from this part of the series, and have been moved to 1090-4.

7. Normative Annex J

The ‘’Use of compressible washer-type direct tension indicators’’ has been removed.

Keep Meeting the Requirements

The standard is always under review by technical experts to bring it up-to-date and in line with current new industry practices. That’s why I recommend to always have a structured management system in place, in which it can be demonstrated that the requested quality is achieved.

To meet these requirements, Qooling has developed a welding (QMS) system in which the transition to new standards can be done smoothly, with no problems at all. Within the online solution you have all the necessary tools at your disposal. Keep track of your administration by digitizing internal documents. Easily demonstrate that requested quality is being achieved, and a lot of other handy features. Just visit the welding page or contact us and I will tell you all about it!

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