Task automation for the mundane jobs has been done in financial administration for decades. Within QHSE management, most companies still leverage Excel and Word to get things done, although certain processes are automated to a certain extent. QHSE management would be so much more fun when the mundane tasks are out of the equation. In the end, the day of a QHSE manager is already hectic enough, without the need for administrative tasks on top. Also, when the mundane tasks are out of the window, it is much easier to engage people within the organization and hence start a culture shift.

What’s in it for Me?

Administrative tasks takes out the time of the day that could have been used for more impactful things. You can only spend an hour once, and you can’t get it back. As with life, in QHSE it is good to think consciously about where you spend your time. Compiling all the data for hours to get a graph, typing over data to make sense of it, or changing people to do their tasks are all most definitely a waste of time. These things should be readily available, and the data should be coming straight out of the operations, not modified and managed by QHSE.

As a QHSE manager, you are not supposed to do all the administration that comes with it. That is why having the right tools is a necessity. For example, you always want everybody to work with the right version of the forms or processes to prevent mistakes from happening. Also, you want people to be notified when they are required to do something. Not automating these things will most definitely lead to miss alignment due to miscommunication. This costs a significant amount of errors.

It’s Time to Change

With lots of people working from home, getting the right information on time can be quite a mission. People might not be able to get all the information in the right place at the right time. They don’t know where to find the correct documents or simply aren’t able to access them. These extraordinary times require the right tools to combat them and not just through this time but also for others to come. Having the right platform will allow for maintaining the desired level of QHSE and setting up automation during difficult times.

Return on Investment

The ROI of a QHSE platform is blatantly clear with all the structures that it brings. Also, having all the required QHSE tools on a single platform helps organize the QHSE management system. It makes it ready for whatever comes in the future. The new structure will allow for a consistent way of working throughout the organization, which reduces the hours required. When using the right platform, the organization will save tens of hours per employee every year.

With Qooling, it is a lot easier for people to interact with the management system. Due to the automation of mundane tasks, your QHSE Management will feel like a walk in the park.

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