Customer satisfaction is one thing every company strives for. However, figuring out whether a customer is really satisfied isn’t always that easy. There are a lot of different variables that can influence the customer satisfaction research outcomes such as timing, means of questioning and approach. Most importantly, the timing and means of questioning can have a big influence on the results of the research.


Every company messes up sometimes, and people understand this. It is the way you solve the issue on hand that sets you apart from others. Knowing this, it would be very inconvenient to ask what the customer thinks of you the moment the problem occurs. However, if you solve the issue properly and then you ask for the customers’ feedback, you will be more likely to receive a very positive one. Trying to measure the customer satisfaction on neutral ground is the best moment to get an unbiased result.

Means of questioning

The e-mail survey is a very effective and easy to use method to ask for customer feedback. However, a lot of people are getting these e-mails by the millions. A good practice is to also allow the sales/customer support to walk through the questions together with the customer. Use tools that allow you to email your customers along with the sales team filling up the data together with the customer.


The big advantage of the digital approach is the live insight in the data. The information is always one mouse click away. This insight can help you identifying difficulties in your customer support, sales process, marketing or quality of the goods or services. This all depends on the questions you ask of course.


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