Selecting and buying the right QHSE platform for your business can be quite a challenge. There are numerous features to think about. How do you know which ones are crucial for your current business, let alone figure out the needs for the future? We have touched upon this selection a couple times before, but there is a lot more to creating a successful partnership with the supplier besides the features.

Internal Process

Next to the features, properly following a certain process during the purchase is of great importance. Not just for the right selection but also to make sure that implementing and using the platform will be a huge success. Buying the platform is relatively easy, but having the right amount of adoption within the organization is what really matters. Most organizations have some kind of purchasing requirements, such as the number of vendors assessed or the number of people involved. Before doing anything about finding the right supplier, make sure you understand the internal process, as this prevents a lot of frustration on your side during the purchase. 

Other Project

Make sure you check with internal parties to see if any competing projects are being executed or planned. Most internal projects require some form of resources. When you need the involvement of other people during the process, find out if they have the time to do this. When these are known, you can better plan the actions you want to take and align them with these other projects. 

Involve People

QHSE is something you do together with everybody in the organization. In order to get the highest possible engagement and involvement, it is always important to involve certain people during the buying process. As the QHSE manager, it is pretty easy to pull out the credit card and select a solution, but this means that it becomes your tool. The QHSE platform should not be just your tool; it should be embedded in the way the company organizes its QHSE. Hence, involving others is a critical part of a successful implementation. Make sure to have a quick discussion with your operations manager and your IT manager, as they either need to be involved themselves or know who you need to involve and when.


Make a clear plan, not just when to start but also when to involve your colleagues. When the planning is clear, you know exactly when certain information is required and when to involve the vendor. The planning can be created in cooperation with the vendor to make sure that all pieces of information are available at the right time.

In the end, in order to become very successful with a QHSE platform, it is important to involve people within the organization as well as the vendor. When combining the knowledge of everybody, the best results are established.

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