Every organization tries to get the most out of itself and its people, regardless of its size. The fundamentals to do this are a great product or service and a great team that can make this happen. We believe that every organization should strive for this. Having an efficient process makes everything so much easier and a lot more fun. In this blog, we will go through the 5 phases of operational excellence. 

What Is Operational Excellence?

Globalization and digitalization force companies to be more effective with lesser resources. Operational Excellence is a business philosophy that allows companies to accomplish this. Companies in pursuit of operational excellence go beyond just running the business based on events. They manage their business processes systematically and continuously invest in creating the optimal system. 

The 5 Levels of Achieving Operational Excellence

The following points indicate the level at which the organization is currently in terms of Operational Excellence. An organization should aim for level 5.  

  1. Paper – The organization has a lot of paperwork. It is not well-ordered and unclear. Information is hard to find as there is no clear database. 
  2. Microsoft Office – It’s difficult to find documents on the server. There are also separate spreadsheets and documents.
  3. Some automation – There is no system integration. There is standard visibility but it is not automated at the moment.
  4. Limited electronic QMSThere is a good overview of the company’s internal workings. Data gathering tools are in place.
  5. Operational excellence – There is a fully automated platform. It’s easy to use online and there is a mobile platform. The organization uses data-driven decision-making and got ahead of the competition.


Levels of Operational Excellence within Qooling, general maturity model

What Now? Check Your Current QHSE Level

Are you curious about how your company scores in QHSE by phase? Then you can do a QHSE check-up. It takes about 3 minutes to complete. You will receive a personalized report by e-mail where you can see exactly what is going well per phase and what could be improved, completely free of charge! 

Scoring is based on the following:

  • QHSE culture & organization
  • Data management & fact-based decisions
  • Issues & document management
  • Audits & CAPA management

Do the QHSE Check-up here!

Strive for Operational Excellence Ebook

Would you like to read more about Operational Excellence? We have written an ebook with even more information on the subject. You can easily download the ebook here.

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