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QHSE Digitalization, what is it?

Digitalization has been the buzzword over the last decades. Companies started to digitalize their processes the moment computers were invented. Obviously, this was done a bit differently back in the ‘80s than today, but companies have…
8th June 2021
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QHSE Platform in your IT Landscape

With the introduction of cloud and SaaS, in particular, more and more companies are moving away from the traditional ERP solutions that claim to be able to do everything. With this movement, aligning the different cloud…
28th May 2021
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Structure you QHSE Management systeem

QHSE management inherently comes with numerous procedures, forms, documents, spreadsheets, and the like. Yes, the new approach by ISO allows for a significant reduction of the procedures and documents, but still, the organization needs to somehow…
13th May 2021
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The Importance of Quality Management

We all know how important quality management is, but more often than not, we look at this from a certification perspective. Over time, ISO9001 has become the equivalent of Quality Management, but obviously, this isn’t completely…
18th April 2021
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Why Safety Walks are Important

The “safety walk” is an excellent measuring stick to see how the company is doing with its safety culture. The power of just walking around and observing how people work from a safety management point of…
25th March 2021

The Power of Mobile in QHSE

Since the introduction of the smartphone, people aren’t able to live without it. Despite the huge impact the mobile phone has on our current life, these devices have had a limited introduction in QHSE management. Lots…
12th March 2021
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The importance of calibrating your tools

Most quality standards are pretty clear on how an organization should handle its tools and equipment. They need to be in such a condition that they are able to produce the quality the company wants to…
4th March 2021

How Can You Select the Best Suppliers?

In numerous posts, we touched upon how to manage suppliers and what is essential in this process. However, before you manage them, you first need to select them and have some kind of process for this.…
28th January 2021
Be prepared for your auditsManagementQHSE

Be prepared for your Audits

.Being prepared for an audit is one of the most important tasks the QHSE manager has. The organization needs to be ready when the auditor shows up. We touched upon the importance of having the right…
22nd October 2020
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