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How to Handle Risk Management.

An organization cannot exist without taking any risks. The question is, how to manage those risks to improve predictability and reduce the level of risk? Don’t make risk management an expensive and time consuming project. Too often risk management is seen as a time consuming exercise. I personally believe that this is unnecessary.  When we […]

Transition to ISO9001:2015

The first important question to ask is why would you change to the ISO9001:2015 version. Apart from the fact that it is obligatory if you want to stay certified, it has other advantages. Integrated system Quite a lot of companies are certified for multiple standards. The new High Level Structure (HLS) of the ISO9001:2015 makes it […]

ISO9001:2015 – A practical guide for risk assessment

Over the past months we have seen the introduction of the new ISO9001:2015 standard. To comply with this new standard we applied a strategy to introduce risk based thinking throughout the organisation with one of our customers. The customer used the migration to this new standard as an opportunity to increase the employee engagement. This […]